Dried Fruit

ProductPer # g/Each/Packet/Bottle
Banana Chips Organic100g
Apple Rings100g
Figs Organic100g
Mango Strips Organic100g
Raisins Organic – Sunflower Oil Dressed100g
Sultanas Organic – Sunflower Oil Dressed100g
Apricots Yellow Whole100g
Apricots Dark Organic100g
Prunes Pitted100g
Goji Berries100g
Cranberries Infused With Apple Juice Organic100g
Pineapple with Sugar100g
Dates Chopped Organic100g
Papaya with Sugar100g
Dates Whole Medjoul100g
Ginger Crystallised Organic100g
Currents Organic100g
Cherries Glace Dark Red100g
Mixed Peel100g
Pears Dried100g
Tomatoes Sun-Dried Organic100g
Pomegranate Seeds100g